Breaking Through the Noise: How Our Comprehensive Digital Initiative Helped Newswire Lab Stand Out in the Competitive PR Landscape



Doubled monthly organic search traffic within the first four months after the new website launch


Lead generation growth increased by nearly 150%


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Press releases are a commonly used tool in public relations to communicate and distribute news to the target audiences. When people talk about a press release, the first thing that typically comes to mind is a compelling storyline and equally compelling newsworthy piece of content. But what makes a press release really stand out and how does it prove its effectiveness?

Our partner, NewswireLab, led by a team of passionate media-savvy specialists might just be the ones to know the answers to that. NewswireLab is a leading PR distribution platform that specializes in providing innovative solutions for press release distribution with their “Get Seen, Get Read, Get Heard, and Get Found on major publications and networks” approach, they have been successfully accelerating businesses through PR campaigns through various channels and mediums.


Newswire Lab’s primary goal was to establish a solid online presence that would allow them to stand out among the competition as well as complement the team’s extensive experience in such a competitive industry. Based on their key goals, Wow Me Digital team was hired to increase their brand visibility and generate more leads through a digital marketing initiative that encompassed a combination of content marketing, website design, search optimization, and paid advertising.


Our team conducted a thorough analysis of NewswireLab’s industry and competition among PR distributors to better understand their unique value proposition, and create a framework that ensures their positioning aligns with audience needs. The discovery phase is an essential part of each and every single project our team works on, and the findings we gathered for this project helped us develop a comprehensive digital strategy focused on NewswireLab’s marketing and business goals.


Content Marketing

In order to attract and retain users, we created a content marketing strategy that included the creation and planning of their website and email marketing content and communicated Newswire Lab’s offerings and their NextGen ™ Press Release’s unique selling points. We also provided copywriting services to ensure that the messaging was clear, concise, and engaging.

SEO Strategy

In addition to content marketing, Wow Me Digital also developed and executed a comprehensive digital growth strategy that included a range of tactics designed to enhance Newswire Lab’s online visibility, drive traffic to the website, and generate leads for the sales team. It included both organic and paid SEO, and PPC advertising campaigns. We launched a series of targeted ad campaigns on Google which resulted in a significant increase in website traffic and user signups.

Website Design and Branding

Wow Me Digital team designed a new website for NewswireLab that was modern, user-friendly, and well-optimized for search engines. Our team created a unique branding and visual identity that conveyed the platform’s core values and mission.

Marketing Assets Creation

To further support NewswireLab’s marketing efforts, we created a variety of digital assets such as infographics, email templates, and social media graphics. These assets were designed to align with the overall brand identity and to communicate the unique features and benefits of our partner’s PR service offerings.


Thanks to our collaborative efforts with our partner Newswire Lab and the team’s strategic approach, we were able to accomplish impressive results in a reasonable amount of time. Here are some of the key outcomes:

  • NewswireLab website traffic increased by 50% within the first four months after the new website launch
  • Average Pageviews increased by 75%
  • Monthly Organic search traffic doubled compared to the previous pre-campaign period
  • Lead generation growth increased by nearly 150%

If you’re looking for a reliable partner to help take your business brand to the next level, get in touch with Wow Me Digital and book a free call with our team.

What Our Clients Say

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Wow Me Digital team on a number of marketing initiatives, including restructuring our current site, publishing press releases, and consulting on various content ideas. They’ve been extremely helpful and insightful, and the work they’ve delivered has paid off in terms of improving our Google ranking and increase in targeted traffic, as well as helping my team make well-calculated sales and marketing decisions.

Energime UniversityMarketing Director,

The agency has truly wowed me with how efficient their work process is and how cost-effective their services are compared to the companies and in some cases even freelancers we’ve hired in the past. Working with WMD has helped us improve our search volumes tremendously and plan out our business expansion - I highly recommend the team!


Wow Me Digital gave us the kickstart we needed to launch several online business projects we’ve invested in. They’ve been navigating us through the complexities of SEO and advising on the best practices in digital marketing that did work for us in the long run despite tough competition. I can testify that their work process is transparent from the get-go and that we were kept up-to-date on the status of our projects throughout the whole process.

Panthera GroupMarketing Director

Simply put, WMD is a go-to team to accelerate growth and save time. We've been very pleased with the results from the marketing services they've been providing to our company.

Release MediaCTO at Envato

We recently began working with the Wow Me Digital team on our Social Media, and they've been able to help me build a powerful presence on all major platforms. They've also provided valuable insights on how to increase conversions and engagement, resulting in a steady uptick in followers and website traffic. I can highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality social media marketing services.

G Motors ThailandGM